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August 28, 2009

                                               The Dream

Angel (name changed for privacy purposes) stopped by the booth and longingly looked at the 10 Commandment posters.  I said, “Would you like one, they’re free.”  “Free?” she asked.  “Yes, they’re free and our books are free also, would you like a book too?”  She walked around to the book table and looked at each one.  I shared a little information about each book.  And told her that these gospel books could inspire her to a closer walk with her Saviour, and help her become more excited about reading the Bible.  I told her the Lord is coming soon and He is giving us this time to get to know Him as our best friend so He can take us home to live with Him forever.  She lingered, and we shared for quite a while about God’s leading.

Angel’s penetrating eyes searched my face, as we visited.  Then she asked me, “What is your name?”  “Nancy, I said.”  She kept staring as if she was puzzled about something.  So, to break the silence I said, “Nancy isn’t a real common name, you don’t hear it very often.”  She said, “No, no, it’s not that.” 

Her penetrating look was uncomfortable for me.  It was as if there was something she was searching for deep within my thoughts. Then she told me of her dream; a dream that she would some day meet two people who would impact her life. One named Evelyn, and the other named Nancy.  She told me that she had already met Evelyn.

I asked her to tell me about Evelyn.  She said she was a Pilipino woman who was very kind, helped her through some very difficult times and ministered to her needs. 

Then she said, “You must be the Nancy in my dream!”  Immediately chills ran up and down my spine as I thought about what I had said to her!  Did I share with her what my Saviour wanted me to share with her?  Will my words impact her life enough for her to seek a closer relationship with her heavenly Father? 

She asked me if she could come back and just sit and visit with me sometime.  I assured her I would be honored if she would.  Please pray for her as she follows Christ’s leading in her life through reading the Bible and these Gospel Books. 

As she was leaving, taking the 10 Commandment poster and a Patriarchs and Prophets, she asked if she could hug me.  As we hugged I asked her if I could pray for her. 

I pray she will return soon for that visit.

I wonder?  Did God send a dream to Angel letting her know that Evelyn would help her through very difficult times in her life and Nancy to minister to her spiritual needs?  I’m thankful God chose me for that purpose.  He has chosen each one of us for a particular purpose.  Let us pray we will be more aware of the purpose He has for us to fulfill each day.

   Submitted by Nancy Witt