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God continues to open opportunities.


So many wonderful things have happened since our Wimbish Road Church stepped out in faith and started the Spotlight On The Bible Ministry.  God has broadened the area of influence from one flea market day to 5 days. 

As the flow of people slowed down that very first Sunday at Smiley’s Flea Market, Robin shared with Glenda the news of a new Flea Market being renovated in the old Kroger Grocery Store on Eisenhower Boulevard in Macon.  As they brought it to the attention of Nancy and Sharon it was decided that Joey should drive Robin and Glenda down to the building to see what it was like.  When they came back to Smiley’s and shared the news of what they had found, their enthusiasm caught all on fire and the decision was made to move from Smiley’s to the Macon Mall Flea Market.  It was a leap of faith from sharing Gospel Books only on Sundays, to Wednesdays through Sundays.


The move was made, and on the July 31st grand opening day, people were lined up all the way to the end of the building waiting for the doors to open.  A steady flow of God’s people stopped at the Spotlight On The Bible booth to take the Gospel Books. 

Those greeting God’s people at the booth are having thrilling experiences that will be shared in future articles. 

Remember to check back for new testimonies.

Please remember the Spotlight On The Bible Ministry in your daily prayers. 



      -        Pray that I can better myself, and the future and change my ways.

-        Financial.  That my loved one will be able to go back to his old school.

-        Safe passage from Berlin Germany for my brother working in Afghanistan.  Also for my church, friends and family.

-        For better days and better health.

-        For my sister’s marriage and business.  My family also.

-        I have diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, IBS and pinched nerves.  I also need help with relationships.

-        Need of a volunteer to be available Tue. & Wed. 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

-        Neck and foot pain

-        That my aunt will be OK and the blood clot on her lung will go away.

-        That my dad will get a job and my aunt will get better.

-        That my baby and I will find a better place to live and have more support.

-        That I will be more successful in life

-        Families looking for a job.

-        For the whole world

-        That God will save my marriage and make my house a family home.  To help my additions to my home start for my Day Care.  Also my immediate family.

-        A family in Dalton, GA

-        Prayer for healing of surgery on my leg.

-        For God’s favor in my 1st semester of school.  I need to pass all my classes and to have more than enough financial aid assistance.

-        For my brother, he’s so nice.  Everyone loves him like God.

-        That my loved one will receive Christ as their personal Saviour soon.

-        My Grandma that’s sink in Mexico.  Please take care of me and my family while moving.

-        For safe travels back to Oklahoma.

-        For a friend to know the right way to walk in life.

-        I need a kidney transplant.

-        For my church in Macon