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“Spotlight On The Bible Ministries”


The Latter Rain is falling all around us! Experience it as you read the following testimony:               

The Holy Spirit was moving upon the heart of Nancy Witt as she, and her daughter, Alexa Hernandez, were enjoying a spiritual feast at Camp Meeting.  Alexa enquired about the booths on the second floor of the hotel.  Nancy said, “Oh, they are just promotional booths but if you want to check them out, I’ll go with you.”  The Lord led them to David Graham’s “Market Evangelism Promotion” booth.  Right away Nancy was convicted that she had to duplicate this Market Ministry Method of giving away free Gospel Books, "like the leaves of Autumn," in her own town of Macon, Georgia. 

MarketEvangelismPromotion.Com was more than happy to share this simple method of seed sowing and not only did David Graham mentor them in starting their ministry, "The Better Living Center," Seventh-day Adventist Church of Athens, Tennessee, and the Sweetwater, Tennessee Market Evangelists, donated over $500.00 worth of books to give away at the Macon flea market.  

The name “Spotlight On The Bible Ministries,” was chosen for the Macon, Market Ministry, to emphasize the Bible based books being given away.

As Nancy shared her newfound evangelism method, others caught the vision, too.  The ministry developed as Al and Glenda Seagraves made a nice lattice backdrop, a podium for the Bible, a prayer box and many other items for the booth.  Church members donated plastic bags for books, money and committed to pray for the ministry.  Sharon Taylor located a Flea Market south of Macon, a booth was rented and volunteers signed up to work at their “Spotlight On The Bible Ministries” booth.

On Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Pastor Witt and Nancy drove to Dayton, Tennessee to pick up the donated books, signs, magazines and DVD’s and were ready to begin seeing God work His Miracles.

With hearts bursting to share, Al & Glenda Seagraves, Sharon Taylor and Nancy Witt arrived early on July 13, 2009, with faith that God would lead sincere people to the booth to receive free Gospel Books.  Joey & Robin Grimsley and Pastor Witt joined them in the afternoon.  Over 240 gospel books were given away, prayer requests were received and testimonies were shared!!!  Even a prayer circle was formed right there at the booth as prayer was offered for a family whose daughter would be leaving for military service the next day.  A young gentleman stopped and said, “I know these books!”  He had been raised with them in his home.  He took several books to help with his youth group on Sundays.  He also asked if he could take three Great Controversies to share with friends.

Several times, as Robin noticed people were just passing by the booth, she would offer up a prayer and God Answered; groups of people would stop for books, even ministers stopped by and took books.  

The objective is to get these truth filled Gospel books in the hands of God's people so the Holy Spirit can speak more directly to their hearts and God is moving upon the hearts of people who are seeking to know Him. “Spotlight On The Bible Ministries” wants to find them and share God's wonderful Gospel of love. 

Check in on this site each week for new pictures, new experiences and learn how the Latter Rain is falling on the hearts of God’s people everywhere.

Please remember God's people in your prayers as they read the Gospel books.

If you wish to contact Spotlight On The Bible Ministries you may send an e-mail to www.spotlightonthebible@yahoo.com


Thank you for your ministry in prayer.  The Lord is coming soon.  We are in the tarrying time; the time of preparation, the time to get to know our Lord and Saviour as our personal friend.  I pray we all will make use of this time the Lord is giving us.  May God continue to bless you.  Nancy Witt

Please pray for these prayer request at the end of each page and encourage others to come to this site and lift each request up to the Lord in prayer.   For privacy reasons names are not mentioned, only circumstances.  God knows each name.  Thank you for your daily prayers for God’s precious children.

Spotlight on the Bible Ministries Prayer Requests:

-  Couple is catholic and said they were not religious. The wife is busy with school, taking medical coding.  They took no books but wanted us to pray for them.

-  Pray for my marriage and business.

-  My Son Bobby to get on disability.

-  My family

-  Loved one to get pregnant and have a healthy beautiful baby.

-  For a friend with serious health problems and a tumor.  The Doctor won’t see   her without money.  Also pray for my family.

-  Young girl is going to Alaska on military duty for 2 years.  She wants to be an Army nurse some day. Also pray for all her family.  They all need strength and faith.

-  For a missing boy from a young man’s youth group.  The young man that gave this request said he knew these books.  I ask him how?  He said they were in his home as a child.  I ask if they were in his parent's or grandparent’s home.  He said family.  He was raised a Seventh-day Adventist and his family still is.  He works for a youth group of another denomination.  He took 3 Great Controversies to give out and several of the other books from the conflict series.  Pray for God to lead in his life.

-  Pray for my friend’s health and to be debt free; and for my son to get an apartment.

-  Pray I will get my job back and the days I worked back.  Also pray that my relative will get well.

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