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Community Services

Adventist Community Services meets immediate needs through social services such as tutoring and mentoring programs, Youth Volunteer Corps, health screening education and assistance, inner city missions, and disaster response.

Wimbish Road Community Services Building
640 Wimbish Road

    - Open 2nd Sunday of each month
    - Provides clothing, food items, personal items and disaster relief to persons in need
    - Donated items are received at the Community Services Building or in the Church Lobby



A Letter from Director, Tracy

Dear Church Family,

The Lord has truly blessed in the Community Service program over the years.  When we first started serving in April 2003, we were service over 45 to 50 families with "Signs of the Times" magazines along with 30 pounds of groceries each month.   Ms. Theo and Ms. Edith teamed together delivering to some families and also giving out books like: "Steps to Christ" and "Great Controvery".  Bobby and Tracy also teamed together to deliver literature and clothes. 

As time went on we had a great love for God's people.  The church family helped by giving can goods and personal items.  Also, each Thanksgiving, church members deliver to families.  The school and pathfinder children prepared the grocery bags.  Each child went into the community, left a bag at homes to be filled with can, then went back and pick them up within the week.  The children were truly happy with the amount of can goods God provided for the Community Service families.  God has truly blessed each family each year, all the glory to Him and praise.  Also, each year church members get involved in “Adopt A Child For Christmas” program.  Each family is so thankful and joyful.  We all share hugs and tears for the blessing bestowed upon each child and each family. 

We are currently serving 32 families each month.  They are receiving 30 to 35 pounds of groceries each month.  Each person involved in Community Service is helping someone outside of Community Service by taking clothes to nursing home for friends or family they know.  Some are coming to the center to pick up food for friends and delivering it to them.  Everyone is sharing love to others by caring for each other.  God is truly touching each one's heart to love one another. 

Each month we go to the food bank and pick up groceries for the food pantry.  The Lord blesses with around 800 to 1200 pounds.  The Lord has touched the hearts of others who work behind the scene to help unload and load trucks too. 

Mr. Robert helps each month with loading and unloading the truck. 

Also, Johnathon helped out the past month.  September 13, we had a number of volunteers help carry bags of groceries out to each car. 

A special thanks to Ms. Theo and Ms. Edith who have helped for many years. 

Back when the program was called Dorcus, a number of church ladies made quilts and sewed clothes, mended buttons on clothes, washed and ironed the clothes as well. 

Thanks to Warren, Johnathon, Andrea, DeLaney, and Bobby for helping carry bags to each car.  Also, we would like to thank my brother, David, for helping me make bags up of food.

I would also like to thank my mom, Carolyn, for watching and playing cars with our son, Dakota, while we were there together doing God's service for others. 

Bobby and I are asking for your prayers for the Bible study that started October 6, 2009.  We are sending out over 30 invitations to each family we are serving to join us.  We have children 12 and under who are also going to attend Junior Bibles Studies.  Mrs. Ginnie will be teaching the Juniors.  We have some younger children also that I will be working with while parents are in study.  God is our help in all we do.  All the praise and glory to Him!  We hope and pray that God's word goes forth and leads others to Him, through His ministry, and all the other ministries in the church. 

I have truly enjoyed and love the people we serve each month.  I want to add a thanks to Glenda and Al, for the wonderful job they did while I was out for months taking care of our new edition to God's family (Dakota).  I know they also felt the love and care of the families they shared with the families as a blessing. 

I am so happy to see all the wonderful blessings that take place in God's ministry each month.  What a friend we have in Jesus to know and love others!